A Statement From Our President

To the Members of the Georgia Funeral Service Practitioners Association:

As a new administration begins, this is a great time for us to recommit to our organization’s vision, our members and funeral service.

Our success happens when we are clear about our direction, have accurate information, then build and implement our plan. All successful plans start with knowing the facts, challenging things that don’t work and inventing new possibilities. To get the facts, we have to become masters at asking powerful and meaningful questions– to expand what we know and to develop new and stronger actions to be extraordinary in 2016 and 2017.

Let us not accept things as they are. We instead need to ask how they can be bigger, bolder and better. Ask how you can share ideas with others, invent new things and expand our influence as an organization. Get comfortable asking great questions then using what you learn to make us better.

As we embark, we are asking for your support for “The NEW RENAISSANCE: REBIRTH”. This period shall focus on recruiting, reclamation, retention and recognition. The implementation of a student mentoring programs, reclaiming former members, the retention of current members and recognition of members for their service to the organization and to funeral service.

I thank you for you continued support of the Georgia Funeral Service Practitioners Association Inc. We need your help in reaching our goals.

Sincerely yours,
David H. Jones, President

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